The Annual Nick Drake Tanworth-In-Arden Gathering IV

Friday July 28th & Saturday July 29th 2006

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Pictures, Reviews, Etc.

General Information

Pictures, Reviews, Etc.

For pictures, reviews, etc, you can go to this website;

Nick Drake Annual Gathering

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General Information

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Please note that his is, and will remain, a non-profit event, existing by
the grace of people who give donations via this site or at the event itself.

Dates; Friday July 28th & Saturday July 29th
Location; Tanworth-In-Arden, West-Midlands, UK
Event programme; Please click here for more information
Musicians & Guests; Please click here to see who is attending
Places to stay; Please click here for more information
How to get there; Please click here for more information
Musicians; Please email with any questions about playing, etc.
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Organisation; Find out here who this year's organisers are

Note I

Yes, we know that it falls together with The Cambridge Folk Festival,
but unfortunately, this was the only date still available for the church.
However, the Cambridge Folk festival is from 27 - 30 of July, so especially
if you are coming from abroad, it may be nice to combine the two!
One or two days of Cambridge and one of the Nick Drake gathering
or perhaps vice versa! Or combine your trip with London!

Coaches and trainfares are do-able and within 3 or 4 hours,
you can be in Tanworth-In-Arden, from London or Cambridge.
And the Friday we don't start until early evening, so there is some extra time!

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