The Annual Nick Drake Tanworth-In-Arden Gathering VI
"And now that you're here you can show me the way"

Friday August the 1st & Saturday August the 2nd 2008
Plus a special recital on Sunday the 3rd 2008

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General Information

Voting Booth

Voting for THIS year starts now; March 2008.

Please vote below and let us know whether you are planning on coming to
this year's gathering. If you are planning to come with 3 or more persons,
then please do NOT vote, but send an email for verification. The mini-poll
has a restricted voting ability per IP-address, so that we can keep any double
voting from occuring. If you have already voted and there has been a change
in your choice, then please also email about this for verification. Thank you.

Needless to say that if you are one of the musicians planning on playing at the gathering,
then you need NOT vote of course, but also send us an email for verification, if you haven't
done so already. You will then be added to the special musicians' mailinglist. Thank you!


General Information

If you have any more questions after having browsed
through these pages below, then please send an email.

Please note that this is, and will remain, a non-profit event, existing by
the grace of people who give donations via this site or at the event itself.

Dates; Friday August the 1st & Saturday August the 2nd Plus special recital on Sunday the 3rd.
Location; Tanworth-In-Arden, West-Midlands, UK.
Entrance; FREE.
Event programme; For times and other information, please click here.
Musicians & Guests; Please click here for the performers list.
Places to stay; Please click here for more information.
There will also be some free camping available. Please stay tuned for where.
How to get there; Please click here for more information.
Musicians; Those conformed to play can email with any questions.
Donations; Please click here for more information.
Organisation; Find out here who this year's organisers are.
Gathering Info Site by Hayley-Jane; Annual Nick Drake Gathering


Any donations given during the gathering or specifically donated through Paypal for the Gathering
will be used for the continuance of the gathering ONLY.

If you'd like to donate for upkeep of this website then please note this
when sending a donation. This will then be used for upkeep of the site ONLY.

Any donations given for the church will be used for the church's and the graveyard's upkeep ONLY.

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