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Tony Rotherham is an actor, re-enactor, fight choreographer, historian and Robin Hood.

He has been doing this work for many years ever since he left university with degrees in History, Drama and Art. He worked in film and television as a fight choreographer and actor for many years. He has been studying the history of Robin Hood ever since he was 18 years old, not just the ballads but the history behind the ballads, and has been doing lectures on the subject for over 20 years to much acclaim.

Tony is well experienced in SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics. He is fully trained in the use of sword both ancient and medieval. He is also trained in the use of guns both black powder and modern. He's got several degrees in Martial arts; Karate (black belt), Shudokan Aikido (brown belt), Tang Soo Do (1st degree black belt).

Tony is also an accomplished horse rider, including in full armour and has Jousting experience. Along with this he has set up several very successful and award winning historical re-creation societies. Some of these societies can be hired for entertainment and educational purposes.


Tony finds authenticity in re-enactment of the utmost importance. His own re-enactment societies and groups therefore strive to be as original and true to the truth as possible. Examples of his re-enactment roles are Sam Gregory (highwayman, mainly known from Dick Turpin & The Gregory Gang) and Captain Jack Vincent (pirate); both based on actual historical figures.

He is also experienced in glass and fire walking and has done this several times for charity. But mostly Tony Rotherham is an historian who loves teaching both children and adults the truth about some of this countries best loved legends.


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