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Tony has been very busy! Highwayman projects, films (like The Stone and Robin Hood), etc.
For pictures and more info please check the normal website!


Cool new film in the making:

Azeroth Prime; visit the site via TonyRotherham.co.uk!


Siege scenes in Farnham:

Tony is currently home for a short break after several weeks of filming for the new Robin Hood film. He has had confirmation that his fight crew will definitely be on the siege scenes at Farneham 20/28 July.


Article in NEP:
The Nottingham Evening Post has placed an article about the film and Tony on July the 3rd! If you go to the original website you'll be able to find a link and read it!


Tony is currently on location in Wales where he is (since June) involved in fighting scenes for the new upcoming film about Robin Hood by Ridley Scott. This film will amongst others feature Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Nice detail is that Russell is camping out with the rest of the crew. Tony has shared a dinner with him which Russell himself had cooked!

Tony; "He is very down to earth, very funny and a good cook. We are working on the new Ridley Scott film which as yet still has no title, he is playing Robin Hood. It is long hours and hard work but great fun to do, working with some of the best fighters in the business."

Pictures at the scene will follow after the film's release! So stay tuned!!!


The Tales of Robin Hood have closed:

The Tales of Robin Hood in Nottingham have closed until further notice. Tony is still available for Robin Hood and other Living History lectures however, for example for at school, fairs or at private functions.

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